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Creatives, find space to live and work at Via Sol!

This week, we’re talking about Live/Work Space for Creatives. Creatives mean so much to our lives and our economy. Yet many of them have no space to work. Live and work space can be a game changer.

Happy learning and happy living!


The PLACE Team,

Chris Velasco Elizabeth Bowling Alice Hiniker Todd Bagby


Creatives (artists, makers, artisans) find it almost impossible to find space to create. Either they can’t afford it, the space isn’t suitable for what they do, or they have a long commute just get to their studio or work space (what happens when they wake up in the middle of the night with an idea?). Creatives often need open, flexible space with plentiful natural light that is difficult to find. Creatives are a poorly-served subset of the affordable housing and market-rate housing marketplace. PLACE has a long track record of creating space that has been crucial to hundreds of creative small businesses and artists.


PLACE is pleased to introduce live/work space for creatives in our Via Sol community. These apartments are designed for living and working with open, flexible floor plans, high ceilings and plentiful natural light. The spaces are also wired with fiber optic internet allowing for ultra broadband connections for video artists, musicians, graphic designers and more. Creatives seeking these spaces will present their work to a panel for review. PLACE knows that creatives contribute to the vibrancy of our communities. At Via Sol we embrace creatives with specially-designed live/work spaces.


PLACE’s Via Sol community, a sustainable, transit-oriented community in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, producing its own food and energy, filled with art and imagination, offers healthy apartments and live/work space to households across the income spectrum.

Via Sol is currently under construction and expected to open in spring of 2022. Applications are now being accepted. For more information:

Email us at

Go to

Call us at 612.444.2VIA (612.444.2842)

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