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Enjoy Via Sol’s lower energy & water use!

Via Sol apartment features for health & wellness

Via Sol is designed to reduce water and energy use, making it more sustainable for your budget and the planet! Check out below for Via Sol’s efficient features, plus, tips on how we can all lower our utility bills. Bonus, new photos of Via Sol below too!

Remember, environmental sustainability is not about being perfect. It is about doing our best when we can.

Apply today to join this healthy, sustainable, art-filled community!

Happy learning and happy living!


The PLACE Team:

Chris Velasco Elizabeth Bowling Alice Hiniker Todd Bagby

Lower your power bill!

Your Via Sol Apartment comes with…

  • Energy Star appliances

  • LED lights

  • super insulated walls and windows (also helps to mitigate sound)

  • efficient heating and cooling systems (quiet and comfortable)

To lower your energy use…

  • turn off lights when not in a room

  • use power strips for things not used 24/7, then turn off power strip when not in use (TV, computer, internet modem, device chargers, etc.)

  • unplug device chargers and USB plugs from outlets when not in use

  • set room temperature to no lower than 74 Fahrenheit in the summer and no higher than 68 Fahrenheit in the winter

  • close windows while heat or air conditioning are running (don’t pay to heat or cool the outdoors!)

  • turn heat or air conditioning down while away from home

  • if able, take the stairs instead of the elevator (helps your heart health too!)

  • hang your clothes to dry on a rack (also extends the life of your clothes!)

  • when using a dryer, dry full loads with wool dryer balls, using the coolest setting

  • think twice before printing something

Lower your water bill!

Your Via Sol Apartment comes with…

  • WaterSense efficient fixtures

  • efficient water heating

To lower your water use…

  • turn off the water while brushing your teeth, shaving, or scrubbing your hands

  • limit running the water while not inside the shower

  • wash full loads of laundry, use cold water whenever possible (cold water also extends the life of your clothes and linens!)

  • more water saving tips from the MN Dept. of Natural Resources

Lower your carbon footprint!

Your Via Sol community comes with…

  • Car Free Perks, which allow you to ditch the costs of owning a vehicle (gas, insurance, repairs, payments, etc.) and earn money with a monthly stipend, transit pass, and shared car membership!

  • bikes to rent for you and your kids

  • a shuttle to key destinations

  • 10 EV chargers

  • 2 HOURCAR shared electric cars in Via Sol’s parking lot

St. Louis Park offers…

  • Cedar Lake commuter trail feet away from Via Sol

  • Metro Transit buses

  • light rail coming to the adjacent Wooddale Station

  • scooters for rent around the City

  • walkable nearby parks, food, shopping, and fun

To lower your carbon footprint…

  • reduce your personal vehicle use by combining errands into fewer trips, carpooling, or taking advantage of the alternative mobility options above offered by Via Sol or St. Louis Park

  • eat more veggies and less meat (decrease farm animal methane in our atmosphere)

  • shop local and support community farms (reduce the miles your food and other products travel)

Keep your home healthy!

Your Via Sol community comes with…

  • nontoxic flooring, countertops, cabinets, paint, and other materials (this means no formaldehyde, phthalates, radon, or VOCs, unlike conventional materials)

  • nontoxic cleaning services for the building

  • DOAS (dedicated outdoor air system) for filtered air straight to your apartment

  • no smoking or vaping allowed anywhere on or near the Via Sol property

To lower your exposure to toxins and pollutants…

  • take off your shoes when entering your home (keep outside debris and pollutants out of your home)

  • use a reusable water bottle instead of single-use

  • choose metal or glass over plastics that leach chemicals

  • avoid plastic or cans with BPA (common in packaged food & beverage containers), vinyl with phthalates (common in shower curtains), and composite wood with formaldehyde (common in furniture)

  • check out Hennepin County’s Green Cleaning Recipes

Join the Healthy, Sustainable, Art-Filled Via Sol Community!

Are you interested in living in a healthy, sustainable, art-filled community adjacent to the Cedar Lake Trail and future Wooddale Light Rail Station in St. Louis Park? Apply today with the Roers management team to reserve your favorite Via Sol apartment or live/work suite for creatives.

Are you a creative interested in extra floor space, extra ceiling height, and extra natural light in a community of other creatives? Learn more about Via Sol’s live/work for creatives.

The Roers management team is now scheduling tours for those interested in living at Via Sol and seeing the apartments. Contact them to join an upcoming opportunity. Check out the floor plans here too.

Did you fill out a pre-application? Fill out the full application here for joining the Via Sol community!

Via Sol

PLACE’s Via Sol community, a sustainable, transit-oriented community in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, producing its own food and energy, filled with art and imagination, offering healthy apartments and live/work space to households across the income spectrum.

Applications are being accepted! For more information:

Reach Out contact Roers

Move In apply

Explore Via Sol Apartments

Call (612) 712-3649

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