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Let's be kind to all we meet on World Kindness Day - November 13

This week, we’re talking about kindness, because Saturday, November 13 is World Kindness Day! It is a day to be mindful of opportunities to be kind to everyone around us through our words and our actions.

Community is part of PLACE’s DNA (Projects Linking Art, Community, and Environment). Wherever we go, we strive to promote communities filled with thoughtful social connection, curiosity, engagement, creativity, empowerment, warmth, and kindness.

Happy learning and happy living!


The PLACE Team,

Chris Velasco Elizabeth Bowling Alice Hiniker Todd Bagby


The purpose of World Kindness Day is to highlight and encourage good deeds in your community. It also serves as a reminder to all that simple acts of kindness have power and that together, we can all work to create a kinder world. You may wonder how compassion from one person can make a difference. It isn't easy to comprehend, but every kind act, even the smallest one, creates a ripple effect you can’t begin to imagine. - Inspire Kindness

These past two years have been extraordinarily challenging for us all as we struggle with a global pandemic and greater disconnect. We have lost family and friends, social injustices are more visible, different perspectives between neighbors feel more divisive, costs of living are harder to meet, and service workers are experiencing a dramatic increase in abuse from customers. None of us are alone in this as these stressors and traumas affect people across our planet. Although experiences are not exactly the same, remember, everyone you see and interact with throughout your day is also living through these arduous times. We all need a little extra patience and compassion.

Our communities are composed of the interactions that happen between us. What can you do to promote a more compassionate community? Let us counterbalance our struggles with one day where each of us commits to being kind, patient, and open-hearted. Kind to our loved ones, our colleagues and neighbors, those who provide services, strangers, and all others we come across throughout our day, in real life and online. Your words and actions matter. Your small act of thoughtful kindness will spread as those whom you treat well will feel more open to treating others well too.

Let us all dedicate ourselves to one day of mindful kindness in our actions and words. Maybe we will even feel like doing it the next day, and the day after that. Will you join us in recognizing this international day for kindness?

Not sure where to start?

Inspire Kindness - World Kindness Day 2021

7 Opportunities for Kindness from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Farmers Almanac Suggestions for Small Good Deeds


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Via Sol is currently under construction and expected to open in spring of 2022. Applications are now being accepted. For more information:

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