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What will 2022 bring?

As we gather for the winter holidays and 2021 comes to a close, let us approach 2022 with a sense of curiosity and optimism. The calendar year transition and preparation for a fresh revolution around the sun is a chance for renewed potential. What will 2022 bring?

For Via Sol, construction will continue, the Urban Art Forest will be planted, the playground will be built, artworks from local artists will be installed, the interior will become more homey, community discussions will resume (hopefully some in-person), and 217 households across the income spectrum will move into a new home that is healthy for them and the planet.

During 2022, E-Generation’s renewable energy and food generation will begin appearing on the site, from the solar panels over Via Sol’s roof to the greenhouse at the edge of Wooddale Avenue, with a biosolar roof, helical wind turbine, solar canopy, and more indoor farming space in between.

When preparing for the upcoming adventures of 2022, let us spend time with our family, friends, and neighbors. Let us bring kindness and an open mind to our community members and those we meet throughout our day. The beginning of a new revolution around the sun is an opening for all of us to reconnect with what matters most. Let us build a good foundation together for 2022.

We wish you a holiday season and 2022 filled with moments of joy, warmth, and peace.


The PLACE Team

Chris Velasco

Elizabeth Bowling

Alice Hiniker

Todd Bagby

Via Sol

PLACE’s Via Sol community, a sustainable, transit-oriented community in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, producing its own food and energy, filled with art and imagination, offers healthy apartments and live/work space to households across the income spectrum.

Via Sol is currently under construction and expecte

d to open in spring of 2022. Applications are now being accepted. For more information:

Email us at

Call us at 612.444.2VIA (612.444.28

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