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Swing by Via Sol!

Are you interested in joining the Via Sol community? Swing by on a weekday for a chat with Amber, Andre, & Allison (Via Sol's A-Team).

Thank you Via Sol supporters!

As we welcome residents to their new, healthy homes PLACE would like to thank the many people who helped make Via Sol possible.

Tips for a Healthy Home

The Via Sol team worked hard to make homes that are healthy for people & the planet with filtered air, nontoxic materials, & green cleaning.

See Via Sol's March Progress!

March has been a productive month on the Via Sol construction site even as the crews worked through the fickle Minnesota spring weather.

Via Sol tour cancelled

With a so many perspective residents interested in Via Sol, the City asked us to make special arrangements before inviting the community.

Enjoy the start of spring at Via Sol

As the sun fills more hours in the day and the songs of birds return, Via Sol offers many ways to enjoy the start of spring.

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